Factorial Program in JavaScript using While Loop

To find factorial of a number, we need to multiply backward consecutive numbers till 1 starting from that number. We represent factorial with ! symbol. For example, 4 factorial is written as 4! = 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 In this example, we’ll write a factorial program in JavaScript using a while loop. … Read more

Flowchart of Nested For Loop

A good deal of traditional programming languages have 4 sections called, initialization, condition, increment/decrement and body. In this post, I’m sharing with you on how we can depict this flow in a flowchart. Hope it helps, let me know in comments if you are looking for something else. A typical nested for loop to traverse … Read more

Difference Between Constructor Overloading and Method Overloading in Java

In this post, we will discuss the difference between constructor overloading and method overloading in Java. Constructor Overloading Writing more than 1 constructor in a class with a unique set of arguments is called as Constructor Overloading All constructors will have the name of the class Overloaded constructor will be executed at the time of … Read more

Constructor Calling in Java

Constructor calling in Java is possible in multiple ways. In this post, we’ll discuss each of those methods in detail. One thing we should remember is that constructor calling is only possible during the object creation. Once the object is created you won’t be able to call the constructor. You can call a constructor in … Read more

Difference Between null and isEmpty in Java

In Java, particularly when you are working with String class, you may have a situation where a String object either has a null or empty string. Java treats null and empty as two different values. They both are not equal. In Java, if a reference variable has its value as null, it means that it … Read more