Selection Sort

Overview Selection sort is the most basic way of sorting an Array. We compare each element with its subsequent elements and swap them if one is smaller than the other. Complexity The complexity of selection sort algorithm for worst case, average cases and best cases is O(n2). Selection Sort in Java Selection Sort in C … Read more

Binary Search

What is Binary Search? Binary search is the fast method of searching for an element in an array. In this approach, we need the array in sorted order. In Binary search, we first identify the center of the array by dividing the array size by 2. Then, we compare the search element with an element … Read more

Linear Search

A linear search is the simplest form of search in an array of elements. We can perform a linear search in three distinct ways based on the order of elements in an array. There can be three scenarios, elements are in ascending order, or descending order, or no order at all. If the array contains … Read more

Bubble Sort

What is Bubble Sort? Bubble sorting algorithm sort items in a list by repeatedly comparing adjacent elements and swapping them when they are out of order and this process is repeated until it sort the entire list. Bubble Sort Animation A picture is worth a thousand words. I found this interesting bubble sort gif file … Read more

Palindrome Numbers

What is a Palindrome Number? Palindrome number is a number which remains same even after reversing its digits. Case Examples Palindrome Number 121, 2332, 34543, etc. Non-Palindrome Number 122, 2335, etc Palindrome Number in Java Let’s print palindrome number list using a for loop. Palindrome Number in C language